In the current climate it is extremely difficult to purchase new cryptocurrencies as they come to the market. Big exchanges and trading platforms don't offer small-cap cryptocurrencies on their markets which makes it hard to buy cryptocurrencies before they blow up! Copiosa is here to change that, you can launch our app, deposit fiat currency and receive Copiosa. You will then be able to hold or trade your Copiosa Coin for all available small-cap cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds.

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About Copiosa

It's important to separate our 2 main propositions.

We have created the Copiosa Coin which is a cryptocurrency that sits on the BEP20 network that we want users to purchase and use as the main currency to buy and sell all forms of small cap cryptocurrencies.

We are currently developing the Copiosa software stack which is going to allow the user to buy, store and use their Copiosa Coin's to purchase other new and exciting cryptocurrencies before they are listed on the major exchanges.

Whilst we are preparing our platform utilising cutting edge technologies you can purchase Copiosa in the pre-sale by pressing the button below!

Why Choose us



Create wallets for all the small cap cryptocurrencies at the tap of a button and transfer and convert your Copiosa Coin's to those currencies.



Security is paramount to our organisation. Our top priority is ensuring end to end encryption and the safety of your currencies and assets.



Deposit your country's currency and buy and sell smaller cryptocurrencies using Copiosa Coin's with a tap of a button.


Low Fees

We will only ever charge you what it costs us to purchase other coins.


We need your help

Our expert service and our groundbreaking cryptocurrency are designed to streamline the current tedium of buying small - cap cryptocurrencies. This platform is designed to serve as the link between you and the plethora of new and exciting coins being created everyday. Our low-cost service connects the dots making it easy, safe and efficient to buy small cap crypto currencies.

Help us help you. This can only work with your support! User and platform synergy is the bedrock of our mission. The more our users deposit, trade and trust our service the higher quality solutions we can offer. We need you to embark on this ground breaking journey with us, going where no crypto platform has gone before. Are you brave enough to answer the call?

As the old saying goes knowledge is power, and we need you to increase the power of our service! So talk, tweet, text, post, and share our message across all corners of the internet. We are here to revolutionise the small cap crypto market and this can only be achieved through your support by spreading awareness and believing in the unparalleled potential that Copiosa can offer each investor.

Mobile app

App coming soon

Our developers are working around the clock to bring the best technology and experience to the holders of the Copiosa Coin and users of our platform.

  • Make your wallet
  • Deposit your country's currency
  • Receive Copiosa Coin
  • Exchange for other cryptos


James Mallon

Founder & CTO

Harry Richardson

Founder & Marketing

Joshua Etheridge

Founder & Product Owner

Neil Ballard


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We are here to help! We will always try our best to answer any questions you may have about our upcoming software releases or the cryptocurrency itself.

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